Media Training

Our Media Training module is designed to give you the tools to work constructively with the media to the benefit of your business.

The module is delivered over the course of one day in your offices. The course will focus on various key areas:

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- What does the media want?

- What is 'our story'?

- Planned responses.

- Interview skills training.

The course is designed to help business to better understand what the media wants and will help you think more creatively about what your business has to offer either trade press, local press or national media outlets.

We also look at media responses and how to answer questions and discuss 'crisis' reponses. We will set up a film camera, lights and microphones and give each delegate a proper grilling. There will then be a chance to review your performance on TV.

The sessions will be lead by our Producer/Director Andrew Johnstone, who has 25 years experience in media production, photo & TV journalism and is a lecturer in Journalism at Falmouth University.