Media Skills

Our Media Skills module is is based on over 25 years of media production in broadcast television, filmmaking and magazine photojournalism.

The module is designed to help businesses produce better content for their social media streams, blogs and PR materials.

The module will focus on 4 main skillets: written content, photography, podcasting and film.

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As content providers, we recognise that not all businesses can afford to hire content creators every time images, film or copy are required. We recognise that budgets are often tight and that not everyone has a retained PR.

However by delivering hands on media skills training we hope to help you not only to improve the content that you produce in-house, but also help you make better decisions about which projects you may need to outsource to an industry professional. We will discuss how to develop a working brief for those projects and how to manage the commissioning process.

The sessions will be lead by our Producer/Director Andrew Johnstone, who has 25 years experience in media production, photo & TV journalism and is a lecturer in Journalism at Falmouth University.