Wild Dog Media Skills Training, Kampala, UgandaUnless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that businesses require more media content that they ever have before. Twitter, Facebook and Company Blogs all need constant feeding and are more hungry than a town-centre parking meter in the January Sales.

To help address this problem, we offer a range of business to business training packages, designed to give you more tools to deal with the cut and thrust of the modern business world.

We have run successful media training as far afield as Montserrat in the West Indies for DFID and Kampala, Uganda for CARE.

You can book one of our one day training packages or Contact Us for a session tailored to your particular needs.

Training packages

media training

Find out what the media want, when they want it, why they want it and how to evade the trickiest questions like a pro!

media skills

Populate your social media channels with cracking content, not dull drivel. Find out how to make your business look fab on the interweb.